Wildstar ho!

Hello all,

Yes, yes, it has been over a year since an update, but lets face it the MMO landscape has been a desolate wasteland. Guild Wars 2 was… underwhelming and there really hasn’t been anything of note released since.

But hark, what do I see out of the corner of my eye?   A little game called Wildstar.  Will it be the next big thing?  Who knows, but I do know the combat system is refreshing and fun and for a PVP guild isnt that enough?

I think so.   At least enough to muster the troops and venture in to this new game in force.  So gather ’round my old friends.  Dust off your keyboards.  Thar be killin to do!

Everything you need to know about Guild Wars 2.


There are basically 3 types of quests in GW2.

1)  Personal story, much like your class quest in TOR. This is logged in a quest log so you always know what stage you are on and can go do it at any time.

2)  Hearts quests (these show up as a heart on the world map) it’s basically a quest giver who is always there and provides an “area quest.”  Any player in the area can help him with what he needs.   ie, rats are eating his crops, kill 10 rats.   Now his crops need to be watered, get 10 buckets of water.   Now that his crops are growing nicely rats are eating his crops, kill 10 rats, repeat, repeat.  No quest log.

3) Dynamic quests.  These change depending on what’s going on in the world, and are generally chained.    Ie, bandits are attacking, kill 10 bandits.  Bandit attack has been defeated, go to the bandit camp and capture the leader.  Bandit leader has been captured, and interrogated, he was hired by a rival town.  Go to rival town under the control of a dragon, slay dragon.   Chain ends.   Days pass.   Bandits attacking town again.   No quest log.

It’s the little bugs

It’s the little bugs that get me.

Gharj (hard mode)
Gharj (nightmare mode)
Infernal council
Infernal council
Infernal council

Why you no tell me nightmare mode?

Beast mode modding.

First we need to understand what things do.

There are four damage types: Kinetic, Energy, Internal, Elemental. The first two are mitigated by armor, the latter two are not.

There are also four attack types: Melee, Ranged, Force, Tech. You can consider the first two to be “weapon attacks” and the second two to be “spells”  It’s not always clear which is which by the tooltip, but when you use them weapon attacks will show up as white numbers, spells as yellow.

Attack type and damage type have no correlation, you can have any combination of the two sets (though not all combination exist in game). The first two are subject to defense (avoidance) and shield (partial mitigation), the latter two are subject to resistance. Resistances (which are just avoidance for Force and Tech attacks) are present as a mechanic, but very very few effects in the game grant them, so they can essentially be ignored.  Weapon damage, unless otherwise stated, is kinetic or energy damage.

Thus you can very easily have an attack that bypasses armor yet can be dodged or shielded (an internal melee attack, for example), or an attack that bypasses defense and shield yet is armor mitigated (an energy force attack, for example).